We’re always looking for exceptional restaurant workers who have a passion for providing the perfect guest experience. Our managers and chefs are guest-focused individuals who believe in putting the comfort and happiness of guests first and doing whatever it takes to deliver perfect food and drink, artful service, and over the top hospitality.

We give every qualified candidate an equal chance to join us when openings occur. Even if a position is not available immediately, we would like to have you in our “future employment” file, so if a position opens up, we can notify you. Sometimes we are in need of part time employees to carry us through vacations or unexpected time off. In that case we can immediately notify those who have been interviewed and were interested in temporary / permanent employment.

Piazza Sorrento’s has an extensive training program and a commitment to the development of all employees. We provide exposure to new ways of thinking and performing, and an opportunity to progress as far as your hard work and results will allow.

To be considered for the above positions, please forward your resume via email to: <a href=”mailto:employment@piazzasorrento.com”>employment@piazzasorrento.com</a>, or contact management to have an application sent to you via email.

Periodically we need part time or full time chefs and servers. At Piazza Sorrento’s we have a “family atmosphere”. If you would like to become a member of our team, please email us to set up an interview with us.

Positions Available:

1. Server
2. Hostess
3. Bartender
4. Pizza Counter
5. Pizza Maker

If you’re interested in any of the following positions: Waitstaff, Bartender, Host/Hostess, or Kitchen position, stop in and speak to a manager about how you can become part of our team, or fill out the form below and we will contact you regarding your interest.

Pre-Employment Form

Requirement: Must be 16 years old to bus or host, 18 years old to serve.