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Sauteed Mushrooms

A fresh take on a basic side dish for mushroom lovers.

Linguini Puttanesca

Linguini alla puttanesca (literally "spaghetti a la whore" in Italian) is a tangy, somewhat salty Italian pasta dish invented in the mid-20th century. The ingredients are typical of Southern Italian cuisine: tomatoes, olive oil, olives, capers and garlic. The name puttanesca is a derivation of puttana which in Italian means "whore." According to one story, the name purportedly comes from the fact that the intense fragrance of this sauce was like a sirens call to the men who visited such "ladies of pleasure".

Mocha Semifreddo Terrine


Anna Maria shows you how to prepare a special Italian Summer dessert – Mocha Semifreddo Terrine.

Tuscan Beef


Anna Maria makes a traditional Sunday supper item – Tuscan Beef.

Celebrating Christmas In Italy!


The Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Italian Festa dell’Immacolata Concezione) on December 8 is a national holiday in Italy. Christmas decorations, including the presepe (nativity scene), as well as the Christmas tree, are put up on this day. Some modern takes on this holiday involve them hanging vultures to symbolize the cleaning of their spirits.
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